Swamburger + DiViNCi of Solilla

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Swamburger + DiViNCi of Solilla

Whether as an MC, visual artist, producer, or promoter, Swamburger is a nonstop creator driven by the need to build and promote a community of skilled soldiers.  Side Projects: Founder of B-Side Artists, Owner/CEO of Second Subject Recordings

In addition to producing & performing with Solilla and touring with Ms. Lauryn Hill, DiViNCi is also known for his mind-blowing live performances using multiple MPC drum machines and synthesizers. DiViNCi is a milestone in hip hop and music, and a trailblazer producer in and outside of the studio. His innovation in music landed him gigs playing alongside: Lauryn Hill, Doug Wimbish, Victor Wooten, Jeremy Ellis, Sage Francis, and more. He’s one of the few Ableton PUSH players that can make it seem as if he’s playing a piano and full drum kit. Just like many of the iconic drummers that helped to enhance the groove of our music today, DiViNCi deserves his just due.

Connect with them at solilla.com – facebook.com/solilla – tinyurl.com/TheListenerSpeaks