Spam Allstars


Spam Allstars are a nine-piece funk and electronica band from Miami, Florida. The band has been voted “2017 Best Band in Miami” and described as “road warriors” because of their busy touring schedule. The band has performed at many music festivals including The Montreal Jazz Festival, High Sierra, Wakarusa, Gasparilla Music Festival, Roskilde, Langerado, Grassroots, Summerstage NYC, and many more.

Their brand new album release “Trans-Oceanic” is out now. Have a listen and purchase it here . Trans-Oceanic got its name from an old radio that Le Spam’s grandfather had when he was a boy. “The theme of the record is radio,” he says. “That was the primary way people used to discover music. Radio brings in transmissions from afar, bringing you things you might now expect. Like always, our music is 80 percent instrumental. My heart is in instrumentals, but there’s a segment of our audience that connects with words, so we pace in some songs with vocals.”

The band’s name, he says, also came indirectly from radio. “The first thing I played for people was a song with a groove looped in with old spam commercials from country radio.” He thought naming his band “Spam Allstars” would sabotage his chances of ever finding mainstream success. But it hasn’t stopped the group from finding longevity.